Superchips Bluefin makes vehicle ECU tuning easy!

Bring your car alive and maximise the performance of your vehicle with Superchips Bluefin. No technical skills are required. Simply plug the bluefin device into your vehicles OBD port and follow the instructions. This is a quick & easy process that enables you to remap (flash tune) your car and switch between maps with no additional charges.

Superchips History

Superchips have been in the tuning industry since 1977, and have delivered over 500,000 ECU tunes. 1995 saw Superchips pioneer delivering a remap via a vehicles OBD port and Superchips Bluefin was realesed in 2006, with over 50,000 units sold.

What is Superchips Bluefin?

Superchips Bluefin is our product that lets you tune your vehicle from your own driveway. It is a device that plugs into your OBD port and remaps your ECU. This is a quick and easy process which 'flash tunes' your ECU. The device will always hold your stock and remap file. You can flash back and forth as much as you like.

Bluefin Features & Benefits

You can flash your car back to stock for service, warranty or sale from the comfort of your driveway. Our stage 1 ECU tunes increase BHP & torque up to 30% and require no mechanical modifications. Turbo diesels can also experience a 10% saving in fuel. Popular brands include Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Skoda, BMW, Renault, Holden & many more.

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How to use Superchips Bluefin

1 Copy Stock ECU File to Bluefin
2 Upload Stock Map & Receive New Remap via Software
3 Plugin into OBD2 Port & Flash Tune ECU

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Amazing how much additional performance is available from the stock motor a...
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I generally don't give feed back or reviews, but what your product has...
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After doing my research, I decided to go with the stage 1 Superchip for my ...
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I highly recommend it.
The instructions were easy to follow.Wow!!!! Was pretty much my initial...
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Massive Improvement
The car has a dramatic improvement in performance. I timed 1.5 sec improvem...

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