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As the pioneers of engine management tuning for enthusiastic drivers, Superchips is best known for reprogramming Engine Control Units (ECUs) for the performance automotive aftermarket sector. Since Superchips was established it has optimised the performance of half a million vehicles globally, including 150,000 in the UK.

Today, Superchips caters for more than 3,700 road car applications across normally aspirated (non-turbo) petrol, turbocharged petrol and turbo diesel formats and has built an unrivalled market leading position. Indeed, the company’s name is so synonymous with ECU remapping that cars are often referred to as having been ‘Superchipped.’

Superchips performance ECU remaps are offered through a network of more than 100 of the UK’s leading tuning companies and a network of worldwide fitting centres. All of our fitting centre technicians are fully trained by Superchips’ experts at our headquarters in Buckingham, ensuring that product quality is guaranteed. In addition, we offer a lifetime guarantee for our Superchips and a supplementary car warranty to customers, for complete peace-of-mind.

How does a Superchip work?

Every modern vehicle uses an ECU that is premapped with settings by the car manufacturer to control the vital functions of the engine, including ignition timing, fuelling and where applicable, turbo boost.

Given the huge variety in driving styles, fuel quality and servicing schedules, car manufacturers exercise extreme caution with the original ECU settings to avoid potential damage through neglect and abuse. This cautious approach results in performance compromises which Superchips technicians can safely by rewriting the ECU settings with a revised map featuring performance optimised settings.

By eliminating the compromises Superchips is able to liberate significant amounts of extra power, driveability, response and potentially, fuel economy. This can transform the driving enjoyment a car delivers, at a highly competitive price.

In broad terms a Superchip can release up to 10% extra power and torque on a non-turbo petrol car, 25% on a turbocharged petrol car and an impressive 30% on today’s popular turbo diesel models. But it’s not just about power, because a Superchips map can also increase your car’s fuel efficiency – in some instances by up to 8% – so fitting a Superchip can make financial sense too!

When Superchips develops a performance ECU map, the optimised settings for each specific vehicle require extensive development and evaluation. Aside from Superchips state-of-the-art test facilities, throughout Superchip’s existence, we have maintained a commitment to research and development, building a highly-skilled team of engineers with intimate technical knowledge of a wide variety of vehicle ECUs. Working across the spectrum of brands and engines helps us to stay in touch with the latest developments from each vehicle manufacturer and ECU producer.

No longer requiring the physical replacement of the EPROM ‘chip’ inside the ECU, in many cases the Superchips remap is now uploaded by the customer in a matter of minutes through the vehicle’s OBD diagnostic port, using Superchip’s market leading ‘plug and go’ bluefin handset. Available for many popular Audi, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen applications, the bluefin unit also stores the vehicle’s standard map for safe keeping and swift retrieval, should the owner want to reverse the procedure.

For some popular 2010 onwards road cars changes to the manufacturer’s original equipment ECU means it is no longer possible for Superchips to offer a bluefin handset for these applications. Instead customers wishing to enjoy the exhilarating drive that a only a Superchip can deliver should instead contact their nearest Superchips dealer, who can easily upload the ECU remap in house as a fixed price conversion. And with 147 new applications just released for 2010 model year applications, there’s bound to be a Superchips remap suited to your car.

Perhaps less well known is that Superchips is frequently employed to provide technical consultancy for manufacturers such as Ford, Porsche, Proton, Renault, Rover, Peugeot, Volvo and Volkswagen, as well as a large number of race and rally teams and Tier 1 suppliers. Superchips is also proud to be an official tuning partner of Volkswagen Racing UK since 2000. The company also provides technical scrutineering services for race series around the world.

Notably, in addition to regular cars, trucks and buses, Superchips has modified countless championship-winning race and rally cars, motorcycles for road and racing, emergency vehicles (police, fire and ambulance), taxis, trractors and quad bikes, boats, hovercraft, safari vehicles and even trains!

Superchips – why compromise your drive?

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