Save up to 10% on fuel & increase power by 30%

Superchips can help you fight back against higher diesel prices and give your car more precious miles per gallon (MPG.)

How? By enhancing your car’s fuel economy and saving you money – by using up to 7% less fuel. But don’t take our word for it, ask a cabbie… For cab drivers higher diesel prices have a serious impact on profitability; hence why the Licensed Taxi Driver’s Association took a great interest when Superchips launched an ECU remap for the iconic LTI TX4 Black Cab in 2010. Steve McNamara, Motoring Editor of the LTDA’s publication ‘Taxi,’ keeps meticulous records of his cab’s fuel consumption and was keen to try the Superchips ECU remap to see if it could improve his LTI TX4 Taxi’s fuel efficiency. “I was very sceptical of the claims made by Superchips, especially after so many other products that we have tried over the years have proven to be useless…” commented Steve.

Fast forward 12 weeks and after extensive experience with the Superchips upgrade, Steve couldn’t be more enthusiastic “After 3 months of carefully monitoring the fuel consumption of our Superchips re-mapped cab across a wide range of shifts, journeys and several drivers and then comparing it with a similar test carried out before the cab was altered, we can report that fuel consumption has improved by just over 7% with the Superchip. But don’t forget, that this is all urban stop-start driving. On a longer run, we’ve seen fuel economy improvements of over 10% with Superchips.”

In terms of figures, Steve reckons that the Superchips ECU remap has improved the average fuel consumption on his cab from just over 18 mpg to nearly 21 mpg. Given that most black cabs cover 24,000 miles a year, this means that he will be saving approximately £1100 on his diesel bills over a 12 month period. This easily and swiftly covers the cost of the Superchips ECU remap, which retails for just £455.00 including installation and VAT.

Impressively, the Superchips conversion not only improved the LTI Taxi’s fuel economy by 7%, it also increased the cab’s power by 23% and its torque by a mighty 28%, making it both faster AND more frugal. But don’t take our word for it, we’ll leave it to Steve McNamara from the LTDA – “The cab is transformed, it runs so much smoother… Cabbies who drive it swear that it’s got a different engine or gearbox, it’s that much nicer to drive! Many of you will think the benefit of the smoother drive would be worth the money, even without the fuel savings.”

Superchips fuel economy enhancement is available for a large range of turbodiesel cars, covering all the major manufacturers’ models. For more information and to check availability for your car, please click on:- www.superchips.com.au

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