Refund Policy

Superchips Performance Pty Ltd (Superchips Australia) has a 30 days refund policy.

What is your refund Policy

Superchips Australia has a 30 days refund policy.

If the product does not fit or for some reason we cannot deliver the product (the tune) you are eligible for a full refund.

If we are able to remap your vehicle but for some reason you feel unsatisfied we ask that you allow us 3 revisions to your file to correct any issues. As part of the sale contract you are entitled to this service. You will be put in direct contact with the ECU engineers and they will work with you to address any issues and they will provided updated ECU files.

If this process goes over 4 weeks your refund is still warranted. If after this you are still not happy we will provide you a refund. You will need to flash your car back to stock and post us your Bluefin device.

Superchips Performance Pty Ltd.

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