Cody B with another VW Golf MK5 GTI stage 1 tune review

"Highly recommend Superchips Bluefins, great product, very easy to install, came with instructions and quick insert into the OBD of the car, installed the software onto my computer followed the guide, and instantly started working as it saved my tune, got the email confirmation instantly to say my tune was ready already, stoked that I could bring my car to life right away at a touch of a button. Great customer service from Jonathan, let me know all the benefits of having the tuning chip and the upsides of Superchips over other companies and along with the best price, Johnathan negotiated with me, you can't go wrong. With a 20% increase in power at the touch of the button without having to worry about tuners or being ripped off by other companies, I would highly recommend to anyone in purchasing a Superchips Bluefin for their ride. The benefit I have with having a Bluefin Superchip, is that it is only an extra $250 AUD to move onto stage 2.. Thanks to Superchips Australia, Bluefin & Johnathan. Very satisfied customer.

Cody B

Vehicle: VW Golf GTI MK5