Skoda Tuning

Skoda ECU tuning & remapping

Superchips was established in 1977 and since this time we have remapped thousands of Skoda vehicles. Our appointment as Volkswagen Racing UK official tuning partner in 2000 provided us with extensive and superior experience with Volkswagen Audi Group vehicle remapping. With our market leading product 'Bluefin' you can tune your Skoda from the comfort of your own driveway. The tuning process is fast & simple and you can remap your vehicle as much as you like with no additional charges.

Stage 1 & 2 ECU tunes are available for a wide range of the Skoda performance vehicles (vRS/RS) with exceptional performance gains! Experience up to 30% more BHP & torque and diesel vehicles can experience a fuel saving of 10%.

Popular ECU tunes includeSkoda Octavia RS 147TSIOctavia RS 162TSIOctavia RS 169TSISuperb 206TSI & Superb 162TSI.

New for performance RS models crackle maps, priced from $250.

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