Bluefin Reset

I want to Reset my Bluefin device, so i can tune a second vehicle

You may reset your bluefin to tune a second vehicle, this will unmarry it from the first vehicle.

You may want to reset as you have two bluefin compatible vehicles, or you have sold your vehicle and now have another bluefin compatible vehicle. You can tune one and then reset and then tune the second car for a discount.

The Bluefin device becomes tied to the car alone after remapping (1 VIN), it cannot be used to remap multiple vehicles at the same time. The Bluefin handset is simply a programming device designed to install our product, your remap.

The price to reset your bluefin is $570 or $660 and this includes the new tune for the new car. You are paying for the new remap alone.

If the firmware is the same from one vehicle to the next it can be done remotely, if not it will need to be posted to us.

Payment is made direct bank transfer (EFT) from an invoice we will email to you. It can also be done from your paypal account to our paypal. Please let us know which one you prefer.

I want to purchase a second hand device

Second hand or used devices are noth worth anything as they do not hold any tunes. The value is the remap. Every car gets a new remap made to match its factory calibration.

Devices set to stock are still VIN locked. Once we reset the device for you it will unlock from the VIN and we can commence the tuning process for you.

If you must purchase a used device from Gumtree or ebay they are not worth anything more than $50.

I have a Bluefin from a previous vehicle and want to use it on my next vehicle - what should I do?

The first step is to uninstall the Superchips remap from the old vehicle using the Bluefin, then contact us to start the reset process

Contact us below to register for the Bluefin reset program

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