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Renault Tuning

Renault ECU tuning & remapping

Superchips have been vehicle ECU tuning since 1977 and in this time we have remapped thousands of Renault vehicles.

Our Renault Sport tunes are developed meticulously in-house with our highly accurate 4x4 chassis dynamometer. This is a controlled environment and we constantly monitor all parameters. Air and Fuel ratio's have been tested for optimium performance & reliablity.

Our stage 1 tunes provide up to 30% more BHP & torque and do not require any mechanical changes to your vehicle.

Superchips Bluefin is our product that is used to deliver your tune. Simply plug into the vehicles OBD port and follow the instructions. Stage 1 & 2 can be sent to you and your Bluefin software at any time.

For the performance market there are stage 1 & 2 ECU tunes for the Renault Megane RS 250 & Renault Megane RS 265. We also have the Clio RS 200

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