How does Bluefin work?

Your Bluefin device loads a new remap onto the cars ECU via the OBD port. This is the same as any other tuner.

Who do you recommend for parts & maintenance?

We recommend

How many times can I flash my ECU?

You can flash as many times as you like with no additional charges.

I heard my gearbox has a torque limit, so I have to have a TCU tune?

This is incorrect, the gearboxes can handle a lot more torque and we can deliver more torque with your ECU tunes alone.

I heard my gearbox is sealed for life and it is a dry clutch DSG?

Any part on your vehicle which uses oils can be and needs to be serviced.

What petrol do you recommend?

We recommend you use only leading brand 98 octane fuel. This is to give your car the best chance to perform. We use BP ultimate.

Should I upgrade my spark plugs?

These are serviceable items. They can degrade over time. You may want to change to a set 1 heat range colder and gap down at your own discretion.

Will this void my warranty?

You can remove the remap at any time with the Bluefin device. This is its functionality. We have not had any customers get knocked back if they flash to stock and remove the bluefin from the vehicle.

I heard your tunes are mild is this true?

NO! This is a misconception. The majority of our tunes run with the best of them. Please ask us about your vehicle and remap before making this assumption.

I dont understand your dyno/remap charts?

Superchips use a MAHA 4x4 chassis dynamometer which is a highly accurate and respected tool. We don't just measure the max BHP and max NM and put these into a simple table like other suppliers. Tuning is more complex than that. If you look at our charts we also measure peak gains on the curve for BHP and Nm. This is the point on the curve with the greatest gain. We feel our charts provide a lot more information than other companies. Our Dyno measures real tested and real gain. This gives the base and mapped charts. Some tuners like to state factory to max BHP which inflates gains. Please look at our charts and study them!

Where do you ship from and how long does it take?

We ship from Melbourne Australia wide. Typical shipping with express takes 1-3 working days.

I have a lot of questions as I am nervous about this, how can I get help?

Please email or use one of contact forms and send us your questions. We are here to help!

I want to purchase aftermarket parts, but i dont know of good brands or good parts what do i do?

Just email us and we can help you with some recommendations on good parts and brands to install.

I need more information on how this works
Where can I download the Bluefin software?
I have uploaded my stock map and i have received an email back saying its a new calibration is this normal?

Yes it is, please wait for our engineers to make your remap.

How come you're so well priced?

We sell directly to consumers with no dealer margin. Think of the bluefin as the dealer installing or uninstalling your remap. Typical competitor price breakdown: (Stage 1 RRP $1500) - $500 OEM - $500 Distributor - $500 Dealer.

What's the difference between this and a workshop?

The process is exactly the same as how a workshop would remap your vehicle. Plug into the OBD & take a read of ECU, Send stock map off, Remap is made and sent back. This is how nearly all tuners work.

I heard I have to have it 'Dyno tuned'

If your car is highly modified a Dyno tune can be beneficial. If your car is stock or has a low amount of mods these are really not needed. Real dyno tunes can take 10-15 hours of work with a professional tuner. A couple of hours on the dyno is not a 'custom tune'

How can I flash back to stock?

Simply plug the device into the OBD port and follow the instructions. Typical time to revert to the factory file is 10 minutes.

How long does all this take?

Typical time is 10-15 minutes to remap and 10 to revert to factory.

I heard you have to have a DSG tune?

You don't have to have anything. All stage 1 tunes are designed to work on 100% stock vehicles. We remove 'torque limits' within the ECU files for our stage 2 files.

How long does it take to get my remap?

Some cars you will have your remap almost instantly as we have done hundreds of the same vehicle so we have your file ready. If not we will have to make your ECU tune and this may take a couple of working days.

I thought the tune was on the Bluefin

We need a copy of your stock file to make a remap. Each and every vehicle can have dozens of factory calibrations and they need to be matched and calibrated for the remap to function.

Can I have a crackle map?

We supply certain cars with crackle maps. They cannot be run on stock exhaust systems. They run best on 'de-cat', aftermarket/sport catalytic converter is mandatory. We typically package crackle maps with stage 2 files.

Will this save me any fuel?

We see fuel savings with diesel vehicles with highway driving. We don't typically see savings with petrol tunes, but we don't see an increase, much the same

Will this save me any fuel?

We see fuel savings with diesel vehicles with highway driving. We don't typically see savings with petrol tunes, but we don't see an increase, much the same

How many remaps have Superchips supplied?

over 500,0000

How many bluefins have been supplied?

Over 50,000

How does Superchips develop its ECU remaps for its vehicles?

The remaps we provide are meticulously generated by us here at our head office in a controlled environment, using our MAHA LPS300 4WD Rolling Road. We monitor the vehicles constantly, data logging all channels ensuring we are running within safe parameters, both on the rolling road and on the open road where we road-test all driving conditions

What is your product ‘Superchips Bluefin’

Superchips Bluefin is our product that we designed for the vehicle owner so they can tune their own vehicle without the need to visit a dealer or make any physical modifications to their vehicle. It is a personal hand-held device that delivers your ECU tune via the vehicles OBD port. Superchips pioneered the ECU tune via a vehicles OBD port in 1995 and Superchips Bluefin was released in 2005.

How do I use Superchips Bluefin?

After we post you your device you simply plug the bluefin into your vehicles OBD port. The Bluefin will then first thing take a copy of your stock ECU file. That way you always have a copy of the file If you wish to flash back to stock at a later date. Once you have completed the first step you need to download the free Bluefin software from: You can then register your device. Plug your Bluefin into your PC with the cable provided and follow the instructions. The UK will then receive a copy of your stock ECU file and will send you back the correctly calibrated file for your vehicle. You will then receive an email notifying you that your file is ready to download. Once you download the file to the bluefin you are now ready to tune your vehicle. Plug the Bluefin back into the vehicles OBD port and now flash tune your vehicle. This is an easy and simple process. If you can use email you can remap your vehicle.

What is a ‘stage 1’ tune and do I need to make any modifications to my vehicle?

A ‘stage 1 tune’ is a remap that is designed to work within the stock limits of the vehicle. It does not require any physical or mechanical modifications to work. Stage 1 tunes are typically the biggest gain and best value purchase you can make to improve your vehicles performance.

What are “stage 2” and “stage 3” tunes?

Additional tunes beyond 1 typically require certain hardware modifications to operate. These may include intake, exhaust, intercooler and other modifications.

I want to upgrade to stage 2 or 3 how can I do this?

If you have installed the appropriate hardware upgrades please let us know and we can organise the stage upgrade for you. We will invoice you and the new tune will be sent to your Bluefin software and you will be notified by email when it is ready.

I want to flash back to stock, how do I do this?

Simply plug your Bluefin device back into the vehicles OBD port and follow the instructions. This is a simple and easy process.

I have sold my vehicle and have kept the Bluefin device, I now want to tune my new vehicle

If you have a Bluefin compatible vehicle we can reset the device for you and your second tune will be significantly reduced from the RRP. You may need to post your device back to us if it needs a different firmware. You can learn more about the Bluefin reset program here:

What is your refund Policy

Superchips Australia has a 30 days refund policy.

If the product does not fit or for some reason we cannot deliver the product (the tune) you are eligible for a full refund.

If we are able to remap your vehicle but for some reason you feel unsatisfied we ask that you allow us 3 revisions to your file to correct any issues. As part of the sale contract you are entitled to this service. You will be put in direct contact with the ECU engineers and they will work with you to address any issues and they will provide updated ECU files.

If this process goes over 4 weeks your refund is still warranted. If after this you are still not happy we will provide you a refund. You will need to flash your car back to stock and post us your Bluefin device.

I want to remap more than one car what can I do?

Superchips Bluefin can only work 1 VIN (vehicle) at a time. You may remap your first vehicle and then reset the Bluefin device and remap your second vehicle. Please contact us if you wish to do this.

If the dealer updates my software, what do I do?

If a dealer overwrites your vehicle's ECU, we will supply a new remap free of charge. If you have a Bluefin, simply plug it into the vehicle again, and it will detect that the software has been updated and then read the new software from the ECU. Call us to let us know, and we will provide a new remap based on this updated software free of charge.

Is a Superchips remap detectable by the manufacturer?

In most cases, no. Some manufacturers can tell that something has changed, but not necessarily what. Your Bluefin stores the vehicle's factory settings in its memory, so you can revert to this whenever you wish.

Will a Superchips remap improve my vehicle's economy?

Every situation is different, but if you have a turbo-diesel, in like-for-like you should typically see an improvement in economy of up to 10%. We cannot make claims for potential economy improvements for petrol-engined vehicles, but in like-for-like use the economy should not be any worse.

Will my vehicle pass an MOT when it is remapped?

Yes all our Superchips remaps are designed to remain legal and pass all current MOT emission tests.

What is your policy regarding the Volkswagen EA189 diesel engines NOx emissions issue?

We will fully support our customers who are affected by the "EA189 diesel engine service action." They will be issued with a new Superchips remap free of charge based on the updated calibration. However, if this involves removing the ECU, a small labour charge of £50.00 plus VAT will apply here at Superchips HQ.

If you have a Bluefin handset with a serial number before 30000 it may not be compatible with your vehicle once it has been updated by Volkswagen. In the unlikely event of you needing a more recent Bluefin (BF06-VAGH-T) there will be a charge of £249.00 including VAT plus carriage, in exchange for your old Bluefin. If you would just like the new remap to be installed, a small labour charge of £50.00 plus VAT will apply here at Superchips HQ, in exchange for your old Bluefin. Please contact us with your Bluefin serial number and we will advise you of your options.

Testimonial post EA189 diesel engine service action: "Thanks, that worked a treat - after driving around for months with the original settings restored waiting for the VW fix it was a transformation to get back the extra punch and economy from the Superchips remap - it was noticeable immediately - brought the car back to life, so much more responsive and willing and actually where the chassis is happier rather than chugging around."

I am thinking about / have bought a second hand Bluefin.

Please contact us before you decide to Purchase a second hand device. We will need to know if your device is compatible with the vehicle you wish to remap. Do not pay anything more than $50 for a second hand device. All used/second hand devices are VIN locked. Even if the previous owner has set the vehicle back to stock. Your device will need to be reset and this includes your stage 1 tune for your vehicle. Your reset fee will be significantly reduced from buying a new device. You can learn more about resetting your device here:

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