Ford Mondeo ECU Tuning & Chip Tuning

Superchips Australia has a huge range of ECU tunes & chip tunes for Ford Mondeo EcoBoost & Ford Mondeo TDCi vehicles. Our long history working with OEM's and partners such as Cosworth, provided us with extensive experience remapping Ford vehicles and in particular the Ford EcoBoost engines.

Superchips bluefin is our hand held ECU tuning device that enables you to remap your Ford Mondeo from the comfort of your own driveway. Our stage 1 tunes increase your BHP & torque up to 30% and require no engine modifications. You can flash back and forth with no additional charges.

Popular tunes for the Mondeo EcoBoost include the Ford Mondeo EcoBoost 177 kW, Ford Mondeo EcoBoost 149 kW & Ford Mondeo XR5. For the diesel vehicles we also see up to 10% fuel saving with a range of EGR & DPF solutions available.

Superchips Bluefin is our product that is used to deliver our ECU tunes, all of which have been developed meticulously in-house in a controlled environment monitoring all parameters. Superchips has its own 4x4 chassis dynamometer for testing & development. Many hours are also spent on the road testing reliability and driveability.

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