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Golf MK6

Volkswagen Golf MK6 Tuning & Remapping

Superchips Australia has a great range of ECU tunes & remaps for the Volkswagen Golf MK6. Our appointment as Volkswagen Racing UK official tuning partner in 2000 provided us with extensive and superior experience with Volkswagen vehicle remapping.

Superchips bluefin is our product which delivers your tune. You can now remap your Volkswagen Golf MK6 from the comfort of your own driveway from the vehicles OBD port. This is a simple & fast process.

Superchips Volkswagen tunes are developed meticulously in-house with our highly accurate 4x4 chassis dynamometer. This is a controlled environment and we constantly monitor all parameters.

Expect huge gains for the Volkswagen Golf MK6 GTI & Volkswagen Golf MK6 R vehicles with stage 1 & 2 ECU tunes. Stage 1 for the Volkswagen Golf MK6 GTI adds +67 BHP (49kW) and +92 Nm. Stage 2 adds +88 BHP (67kW) and +166 Nm torque.

New for the GTI & R platform we have crackle maps priced from $250.

Popular tunes: Volkswagen Golf MK6 GTI & Volkswagen Golf MK6 R

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