BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series ECU Tuning & Remapping

Superchips Australia has a great range of ECU tunes & remaps for the BMW 5 series. Increase your BMW 5 series BHP & Torque up to 30% with our market leading product Superchips Bluefin.

We see exceptional gains from Superchips remaps for BMW 5 series vehicles. Your driving experience will be totally transformed. We see up to +50 BHP & +100 Nm torque from our stage 1 tunes.

As a feature of our diesel tunes you should save up to 10% in fuel consumption. We have a range of EGR & DPF solutions for these vehicles.

Popular tunes include: BMW 528i F10, BMW 520i F10 & huge range of BMW 5 series turbo diesel.

Superchips ECU tunes for BMW offer outstanding value for money and are of the highest quality.

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