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BMW 320d F30/34 & BMW 318d F30/31 ECU tuning

Superchips Australia has a great range of ECU tunes & remaps for the BMW 3 Series F30/31/33/34 vehicles. Our stage 1 tunes produce up to +50 BHP & +100 Nm torque whilst saving up to 10% on fuel consumption.

We cover the BMW 320d F30 135 kW, BMW 320d F30 140 kW & BMW 318d F30.

Transform your driving experience with our product Superchips Bluefin. No technical skills are needed. Simply plug the bluefin device into your vehicles OBD port and follow the instructions. The remapping process is fast & simple.

Once you flash tune your BMW 3 Series simply unplug the device and store in the glovebox or at home. You can flash back to stock any time with the Bluefin device with no additional charges.

Superchips ECU tunes for BMW offer outstanding value for money and are of the highest quality.

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