Owners of the Scirocco turbocharged petrol model from Volkwagen with the latest EU6 2.0 TSI 180PS engine can now experience greatly-improved performance thanks to the latest ECU remap from global leader, Superchips.

Leaving the factory with 180PS, the remap from Superchips delivers an astonishing 82bhp extra to the 2000cc engine at 3921rpm and a very useful 154Nm torque increase at 3701rpm.


The increases will improve both performance and driveability, with power increasing generally as well as the curve continuing to climb further than the original engine. This gives rise to greatly improved acceleration for a more rewarding drive and greater safety, for example when overtaking.

The increase in torque also means that the car will be more driveable in everyday conditions, thanks to the additional effort available from the engine.

The conversion is carried out by Superchips Bluefin plug and play tuning device. No vehicle modification is needed. Purchase from www.superchips.com.au