Another VW Golf MK6 GTI stage 1 tune review!

"I purchased my 2010 VW golf GTI DSG second hand with 125,000 on the odometer. Car appeared true and strong with the DSG in good condition. I was a little apprehensive of applying a stage 1 to a very recently acquired second hand car. I was also unsure if it had been tuned by the previous owner. I gave heavy thought to taking it to a shop an unloading my wallet for peace of mind. BUT, I emailed superchips to inquire as to what would happen if i tried to apply the bluefin stage 1 tune over the top of an existing tune. Jon promptly informed me of the refund policy and he explained the bluefin tune would not load over an existing tune and I would be eligible for a full refund. GREAT! Feeling much more confident, I immediately ordered superchips bluefin stage 1 tune and eagerly awaited the hand controller's delivery. It arrived promptly before the end of the week. I visited the post office feeling slight trepidation and excitement. I proceeded to tune my car in the car park at the post office (I couldn't wait!). I used my laptop and my phone as an wifi hot spot. I downloaded the bluechips software. I watched the how-to video and then proceeded with a sweaty brow. The whole process to tune my car took about 20 minutes with no problems, GREAT RESULT! I drove the car normally for 20 minutes and the car felt entirely business as usual. I then gave it a right boot test and was instantly surprised with the torque increase, and frequency of the traction control light! The tune made a huge difference in the performance but did not sacrifice a single part of my cars drive-ability. I'd like to thank Jonathan at Superchips for promptly responding to my emails and reducing my apprehension, not to mention helping me bring my car alive.