Mike the fireman with his Volkswagen Amarok TDI420

"As per the last decision to buy a Superchips mapping upgrade, this time was equally as rewarding. My MY13 Amarok TDI420 spools up more quickly and more smoothly. The car feels like it's breathing better. It feels like other trucks I've driven equipped with closer to 150 kW than the factory supplied 130-odd. With a load nearing 1 Tonne in the tub, the extra torque was evident especially pulling up the hills between Orange and Forbes. Overtaking, especially in the 80-100 km range is also noticeably improved. Strangely, it seems quieter too - my guess is it spends more time in 8th gear rather than 7th gear now. My only regret is not doing this sooner, especially now we're doing closer to 25,000 km per year. The first full tank since the re-map yielded roughly an extra 10% additional range so the expense will be returned within 12 months. Excellent product and service. "

Mike D