Gareth loves his new tune on the Skoda Octavia RS 162

"On an older Skoda octavia I had an APR remap which I was pretty happy with despite the high costs. After some deliberation and some helpfullly excellent customer service fomr the local arm of Superchips, I thought I'd give a Bluefin tune a go. The install was quick and easy, the cost very reasonable, but best of all was the bang for this buck. With copious extra power and especially torque, the car is now genuinely quick, yet drive it how one should around town and you'd never know it wasn't stock. (Put some good tyres on it like I did, helps the cause immensely!) Very happy and I've no reason to think this isn't the equal of the aforementioned tune at far less cost."

Gareth 2015 Skoda Octavia mk3 VRS