Global ECU remap expert Superchips has released a conversion for the latest 6th Generation Ford Mustang Ecoboost. The new muscle car uses the turbocharged, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine similar to those in the Focus RS with Bosch MED17.2.2 management.

Developing 317PS in its original form, the conversion for the rear wheel drive sports coupe releases an additional 28bhp at 4531rpm and 88Nm torque at 3333rpm.

The new power and torque curves show a great increase in low and mid range grunt, with more torque than stock available to over 5000rpm. The result is a smoothed-out torque curve which gives rise to a more progressive, linear power curve for sustained acceleration and performance.

The full power and torque curves can be seen by clicking the following link:

The remap can also be performed by the owner themselves, using Superchips’ Bluefin device. With a Bluefin, users don’t need any mechanical or technical skills, it’s quickly and easily installed from the comfort of the driving seat. Simply plug the Bluefin handset into the diagnostic port (connecting to the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit) and the Bluefin then uploads new settings to enhance the vehicle’s performance.

The cost of the Bluefin device is $1,000 RRP

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