Ford Mondeo Mk5 2.0 Ecoboost 240PS

The latest version of the Ford Mondeo Mk5 has won plenty of fans worldwide with its sharp dynamics and 240PS, 2.0-litre, direct injection turbocharged Ecoboost engine. But as with any hot Ford, there are always owners who want more performance than the factory can offer.

Which is where leading performance ECU remap specialist Superchips Ltd excels, having enjoyed a long history of enhancing the power of turbocharged Fords since the original Series 1 Escort RS Turbo, back in 1986. And its latest product – a Superchips ECU remap for the newest, Mk5 Mondeo 2.0T – is set to write a new chapter of success with upgrading Ford products for the enthusiast market.

Thanks to an extensive combination of chassis dyno and road testing, Superchips’ technicians have developed a performance remap for the 2.0-litre turbocharged Mondeo’s Bosch ECU, which optimises boost levels, fuelling and ignition timing on the 240PS direct injection Ecoboost engine. The end result is a Superchips conversion that increases power output, improves response and enhances refinement whilst retaining factory failsafe protocols and reliability levels.

In-house dyno testing has proven that the Superchips ECU remap for the Mondeo produces an impressive additional 44BHP at 4517rpm, emphasising the progressive nature of the additional performance. The Superchips ECU remap realises noticeable increases in torque output, culminating in an gain of 58Nm at just 4599rpm, highlighting the user-friendly nature of the conversion.

And it’s behind the wheel that owners will notice the real benefits of the Superchips upgrade. The Mondeo Mk5 instantly becomes keener, more willing and more rewarding to drive, delivering electrifying performance, with ample power for overtaking, fast road, trackday or everyday enjoyment. Despite the elevated power levels if the Superchips enhanced Ford is driven in a ‘like for like’ manner then standard fuel economy levels will be retained.

And this extra performance is available to Mondeo Mk5 drivers on Superchips’ market leading Bluefin programming handset. No mechanical or technical skills are required, because Bluefin allows for quick and easy DIY uploading of the Superchips ECU remap onto the Mondeo in a matter of minutes. As part of this process, the Superchips Bluefin handset also stores the cars original ECU map, enabling the owner to reload the standard map at any time. Alternatively, customers can visit one of Superchips performance centres around the world, where trained technicians can undertake the ECU remap installation procedure.

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