Fords new Mondeo MD series with turbo diesels features a 134 kw TDCI engine with 400 Nm torque.

Superchips ECU tune adds +42 BHP increase @ 4055 Rpm & +73 Nm increase @ 2267 Rpm.

Dan purchased a Superchips Bluefin device after he wanted some additional performance for his vehicle.

Since purchasing Superchips Bluefin Remap for my 2016 Ford Mondeo TDCI I've done about 30,000kms, and in that time it's been a welcomed addition. I originally purchased this because the car felt a little "sluggish" around town - the car certainly feels a little more lively now! Immediately after installing it I took it for a drive and didn't *really* notice a huge difference - it wasn't until I took it off the next day and drove it that i could feel the increase in power. I've got a lead foot, so naturally I had to test out the 0-100. Before was 8.3-8.5 Seconds, and after was 7.3-7.5. The acceleration from 2nd-3rd is a lot more aggressive than previous, and very welcomed. With regards to fuel, if you drive your car like you stole it (I'm looking at myself here), you will notice a *slight* increase in fuel consumption. For me it was around a 0.3L per 100 increase. However, on the flip side, if you drive like a civilised person you'll actually drop consumption. I would usually average 6.4L/100 around town now I'll average around 5.9 under normal conditions. I have had to take my car back to Ford for 2 warranty to claims since having this. I simply removed the remap before driving it to the dealer (drives in which I definitely noticed a performance drop) and have had 0 issues with Ford refusing to carry out repairs. All in all I would definitely recommend! I will be purchasing my partner a diesel BMW later this year, and I will 100% be adding this to the shopping list once we've got it."