The Ford Focus XR5 'borrows ' its 2.5L 5 cylinder turbo engine from Volvo. A hidden gem in the tuning community this Ford comes stock with 166 kW leaving much on the table. Superchips Bluefin stage 1 adds +50 BHP & +119 Nm torque. Whats even better is that stage 2 & 3 come free after stage 1.

James "After putting off my tune on my Xr5 for so long while doing a lot of research, I wish I had chose you guys way earlier. Going with the stage 1 (for now) it has made a huge improvement for something I’ve been so used to for quite some time. Who knew doing such a minor tune with little to no modifications could make such a difference. The car feels so much more responsive on throttle, has plenty more pick up in every gear and when getting on the boost it definitely comes on a lot harder specially with that big Nm increase. Massive shoutout to Jono for getting me sorted and for being super responsive to any help I needed with the process.

Cheers Superchips"