Dan Ford Fiesta St stage 1 tune.

Having just sold a Subaru BRZ after a long line of Renault Sport hatches due to being being frustrated with its power delivery and lack of tuning simple options, I was set on a new Ford Fiesta ST. The turbo 3 cyl pocket rocket ticked all the boxes for price, fun and cheap power. Unfortunately, Ford OZ still had no idea when it would arrive, despite an ETA 6 months prior. Fortunately however, this led me to look at its forebearer with the 1.6 4 turbo 4. I read the reviews and was sold. Great car, great fun and tunable all on a budget. I had used Bluefin many years ago on a Skoda Octavia RS, and so sent Superchips and email. I wanted to find out of the handset could be used on the my model, and, if it ever arrives, the new model if I was to upgrade. Jonathan was super helpful and explained it could be after a reset option, and as a bonus I would save on the new map. For what I wanted the Bluefin ticked all the boxes - affordable, simple operation, no other mods required. The power graphs showed solid gains without risking engine longevity. I didn't want to go down the path of loud exhausts, new mounts etc , just enough power to put a smile on my dial without causing any other issues on what is a well rounded package. The handset arrived and was super simple to operate. Plug into the OBD, download map. Open software on PC, connect Bluefin, and upload map to Superchips. Straight away I got an email saying they had received the map, and not long after a message saying my new map was ready. I simply plugged the Bluefin back into the PC, downloaded map, popped over to the car and uploaded the map following the clear instructions on screen - and viola! done... A spirited drive down the coast from the hills where we lived had me laughing all the way. The power comes on strong, all the way to the redline, and the new wad of torque makes the car even more relaxing to drive if you're feeling that way, with overtaking a breeze. They say the proof is in the pudding, and when i found myself grabbing the keys and going for a drive with no destination planned - I knew it was money well spent.. Great product and service - i'm already looking forward to seeing what it can do when and if the new ST makes it to our shores.