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Superchips Ford Focus 1.5T EcoBoost ECU Tune & ECU Remap (132 kW)(2014/2018)

Superchips Ford Focus 1.5T EcoBoost ECU Tune & ECU Remap (132 kW)(2014/2018) 12 5 5 1
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Superchips flagship product 'Bluefin' is a hand held ECU tuning device that lets you tune your vehicle from the comfort of your own driveway and is outstanding value for your money.


Superchips Australia Stage 1 ECU tune adds +25 BHP & +63 Nm torque to your Ford Focus 1.5 T EcoBoost Sport/Trend/Titanium. (2014-2018)

Stage 1 ECU tune brings your Ford Focus EcoBoost to over 200 BHP & 300 Nm torque! Our stage 1 tunes do not require any mechanical changes to your vehicle, and are included in the price.

Superchips engineers have designed this remap for driver enjoyment. We see peak torque @2671 Rpm and BHP @5071 Rpm. This leads to an exciting drive with increased low down torque and improved BHP in the higher rev range. The vehicle can now be driven all the way to redline with no drop in power! City and day to day driving is drastically improved.

Superchips Ford Focus EcoBoost ECU tunes have been developed over many thousands of hours on our highly accurate in-house 4x4 chassis dynamometer. Many hours are also spent road testing to deliver you the highest quality product.

With your Superchips Bluefin you can remap your vehicle from the comfort of your own driveway. It is a very simple & fast process. If you can use email you can remap your Ford Focus 1.5T EcoBoost. Simply plug your Bluefin into your vehicles OBD port and follow the instructions. You can flash your vehicle back to stock or stage 1 as many times as you like with no additional charges. The remapping process is quick and easy. You recieve remaps from the bluefin software and tune your vehicle with the bluefin device.

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How to use Superchips Bluefin?

Plug device into OBD-II port & take read of ECU
Upload stock file via Bluefin software
Receive new remap via software
Upload & flash tune your ECU

Additional Information

Boost at standard: 15 psi 
Boost modified: 21 psi
Bluefin supports diagnostics & trouble codes
Bluefin [Read time: --:04] [Program time: --:04](mins)

Why purchase Superchips Bluefin?

30 day money back guarantee
Outstanding customer support
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Free & fast shipping Australia wide
Established 1977 with over 500,000 remaps installed

Buy local from Superchips Australia. Full warranty, guarantee, local support and very competitive pricing! Free Aus post shipping from Melbourne, Australia wide.

  • Vehicle details
    Engine TypeTurbocharged Petrol
    Engine Size1498 cm3
    Engine CodeEcoBoost
    Euro StatusN/A
    BHP Std.179
    KW132 kW
    Year FromSep-14 Onwards
  • Vehicle Power Gains * vehicles often dyno below or higher than factory original
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Superchips Bluefin ECU tuning
Superchips is one of the world's oldest & most trusted vehicle ECU tuning companies. Since 1977 over 500,000 vehicles have received Superchips remaps. Superchips pioneered installing a tune over the vehicles OBD port in 1995. With our market leading product 'Superchips Bluefin' what was once an expensive & difficult process is now done easily and affordably from the comfort of your own driveway. You the vehicle owner can now tune your own vehicle. Think of your Bluefin as your own vehicle technician but it is in the palm of your hand. There is no need to visit a dealer or make any physical modifications to your vehicle. You can flash to stage 1 or back to stock as many times as you like and all bluefin tunes are designed to be safe and reliable.
1. How does Superchips Bluefin work?
With a bluefin you don’t need any mechanical or technical skills, it’s quickly and easily installed from the comfort of your driving seat. Simply plug the bluefin handset into your vehicles diagnostic port (connecting you to the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit), the bluefin then uploads new settings to enhance your vehicle's performance bringing your car alive within minutes.
2. How long does it take?
The entire process is typically done under an hour.
3. How difficult is it?
The process is very simple and just about anyone who can use email can do this.
4. Is this a real ECU tune/remap?
Yes, this is not a piggy back device that needs to stay connected to your vehicle. Once the a copy of your tune is sent to the UK a new revised ECU file is sent back. Every vehicle is different and the tunes are are treated as such. Our remaps calibrate over 32 parameters with your vehicle.
5. How much work goes into your vehicle and tune testing?
Superchips has its own in-house 4x4 Chassis dynamometer for testing & development. All of our remaps are developed meticulously in a controlled environment where we monitor all parameters. The minimum time to develop a tune is 7 days but most of our tunes are tested on dyno & on road for months before they are approved for the market.
6. How long does it take to get one?
We use Australia post with free shipping. Devices come with a tracking code and take 3-5 days.
7. I have some more questions & need some help
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Bluefin Features & Benefits
Superchips Bluefin has many features and benefits but here are the top 3. 1) Price is much lower than competitors, 2) Convenience - we ship the device to you, 3) Control - You now have complete control of tuning your vehicle.
How is Superchips bluefin different?
With Superchips Bluefin you the vehicle owner have complete control over tuning your vehicle. There is no need to visit a dealer to have a remap installed as the bluefin device does this for you. You can flash your car to stage one or flash back to stock for servicing, warranty or sale whenever you want. For certain vehicles you can flash to stage 2 or 3 with no need to leave your home as the Remap files are sent to your through the Bluefin software.
How does it work?
Simply plug the device into your vehicles OBD port, take a read of your ECU and then register the device with the complimentary software. Your new file will be sent to you within 24 hours and the whole process to tune your vehicle should not take longer than 1 hour. The bluefin device always holds your stock file if at any time you wish to flash back to stock. There are no additional charges to flash back and forth.
Warranty and support
Your Superchips tune and bluefin device is warranted for life. If at any stage the vehicles file is erased by a dealer we will resupply you a new one. If the device for some reason fails we will send you a new one. Superchips UK provides exceptional customer service and support and so does the Australian distributor. We provide a complimentary after sales file calibration service if in the event you are not happy. If you have any problems we are only a call or email away.
Shipping and postage
All stock is shipped FREE from Melbourne, Australia with Australia post. You will be provided with an Aus Post tracking number. Shipping is fast and efficient and you should receive your device within 3-5 working days. No need to wait weeks for delivery.
Superchips Australia has a two weeks full refund and return policy. Firstly we provide a free file calibration service. If after this you are unhappy with the product it may be returned for a full refund.
Extra features of Superchips Bluefin
If you have a second vehicle or sell your vehicle but keep your Bluefin your second tune is 40% off the full aus RRP. Stage 2 tunes can be sent to your Bluefin software at any time for $250.
What to do next?
If you have any questions about the product or service we are here to help. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time
How to purchase?
Just add the product to the shopping cart and checkout. You can pay be credit card, debit card, paypal or afterpay. Our website is secure and features 3rd party payment processing. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly
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Superchips have been vehicle tuning since 1977 & pioneered the delivery of ECU tunes over a vehicles OBD port in 1995. You can be assured you are working with qualified & knowledgeable company. Superchips reprogram vehicle engine management systems (ECU/PCM/DME/EMS). We generate the software remap using the Original Equipment factory software calibration of the individual vehicle. Our remaps are all individually tailored to the exact specification derived during our development process here in Buckingham, UK. We amend tables and code within the ECU manufacturers source code. We can amend fuelling relative to RPM, load, throttle angle and torque, or anything that the manufacturer has designed to provide the required control.
We can remap our customers vehicles through our bespoke retail device, Superchips Bluefin an OBDII reading & programming device. Bluefin isn't a piggyback device, it is unplugged and stored safely once programming has finished. It stores both the factory OE software calibration, as well as our corresponding unique performance remaps (stage 1,2,3 & 4) and can be used to remove the remap or reinstall it at the customers convenience. The remaps we provide are meticulously generated by us here at our head office in a controlled environment, using our MAHA LPS300 4WD Rolling Road. We monitor the vehicles constantly, data logging all channels ensuring we are running within safe parameters, both on the rolling road and on the open road where we road-test all driving conditions. Our aim is to produce a product that optimises the vehicles performance safely and reliably, that can be run and serviced as per the manufacturer's guidelines. We also improve vehicle driveability wherever possible too as this is an important part of the package, maximum performance gains are futile if they are detrimental to the way in which the vehicle drives on the road. Superchips has a combined 90+ years experience remapping vehicles. If at any time the customer is not happy with our product, Bluefin and its software gives us the ability to provide custom/bespoke remaps where necessary, for vehicles that need 'fine-tuning' or customers who at a later date, choose to purchase our 'Stage 2/3/4' remaps after installing the pre-determined hardware. With our unrivalled years of expertise and vehicle knowledge and your reliable and accurate feedback, we can make amended remaps available for download online to the Bluefin handset.
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