How does Bluefin Work?

Chip tuning via your Superchips Bluefin device

Superchips pioneered a new way to remap a vehicle in 1995, this was delivering an ECU remap via the vehicles OBD port. This was a revolution for vehicle remapping. ECU tunes could now be delivered without any ECU removal or hardware modification. Fast forward to 2006 and the worlds first personal vehicle "chip tuning" tool was launched 'Superchips Bluefin'. This device plugs into the vehicles OBD port and flash tunes the ECU. There are no hardware modifications or physical changes requried. No dealer, mechanic or technical skills are needed. Simply plug in and remap. Popular brands: VolkswagenAudiFordSkodaRenaultBMW, Range RoverLand Rover

How is Superchips Bluefin different?

  1. No need to visit a dealer
  2. No need to remove your ECU
  3. Remap your vehicle from your own driveway
  4. Flash to stage 1 or back to stock as many times as you like with no additional charges
  5. Recieve new maps/files from your Bluefin software with no need for travelling
  6. Control your vehicle tuning process, so you can flash back to stock for service, warranty and sale

How does the Tuning process work?

    1. Simply plug into your vehicles OBD port and the Bluefin will take a copy of your stock ECU file
    2. Download the free Bluefin software and register your device
    3. Bluefin devices do not come preloaded with tunes, once you register your device, your stage 1 tune will be sent to you from the UK
    4. Download your stage 1 file and then plug into vehicles OBD port and flash tune your vehicle
    5. Unplug your Bluefin and store in your glovebox or in your residence

How long does it take?

    1. The first read of your stock ECU can take 30 seconds to 20 minutes
    2. Your stage 1 file from the UK can come back instantly once you register your device or it will need to be custom calibrated for your vehicle.
    3. Flashing your ECU to stage 1 can take 3 to 20 minutes
    4. Flashing back to stock is also fast and easy 

Why is it so well Priced?

When you purchase Bluefin there is no middle man to inflate the costs. This enables us to be VERY cost efficient. The way your Bluefin device remaps a car is exactly the same as having a dealer do it for you (minus the cost).

You will find we are 50% to 100% cheaper than competitors. We are often the cheapest in Australia. This does not mean you are buying an inferior product. You are buying from the worlds oldest tuning company with over 500,000 installed tunes.

Popular brands: VolkswagenAudiFordSkodaRenaultBMW, Range RoverLand Rover

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